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Aspendos is an ancient city famous for its amphitheater in Belkıs village in Serik district of Antalya province. Aspendos was founded by the Achaeans in the tenth century BC, where it reached the plain from the mountainous region of Köprüçayı, 8 kilometers east of Serik district, and was one of the rich cities of the ancient period. The theater here was built by the Romans in the second century AD. The city was built on two hills, one large and one small.

Geographer Strabon and Pamponrus Mela claims that the city was founded by Agrus people. Greeks migrated to the region after 1200 BC, but the name Aspendos comes from the native Anatolian language before the Greems. Aspendos was among the cities that were wanted to be seized in every age, as it was on an important trade route and was connected to the port with Köprüçay River. The most important structure of Aspendos is its theater. It is the best-preserved open-air theater among ancient theaters. This theater is the oldest and strongest example of Roman Theaters in Anatolia that can survive with its stage.